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Second Linden area well to be excavated

LINDEN, CA - A second well not far from the one where searchers have recovered more than 1,000 bone fragments is the next focus in the search for more victims of serial killers Wesley Shermantine and Loren Herzog.

San Joaquin County Sheriff's Department Deputy Les Garcia said the well is east of the first well on property on E. Flood Road that was formerly a cattle ranch.

The first well, which was filled in by the owner in the mid to late 1980s, was being cleared so that a camera could lowered into it.  Cadaver dogs from Santa Clara County will be brought in Friday to detect if there are human remains in the dirt cleared out, Garcia said.

"He [property owner] bought the property in 1982," said Garcia.

"He had the well sealed off. He filled it with washing machines, car parts, blocks of concrete. To his recollection, he thinks he sealed it off in the mid to late 1980s."

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Assembly member's missing cousin could be murder victim

STOCKTON, CA - As digging continues east of Stockton, where about 1,000 bone and bone fragments have been found in a well, Assembly Member Cathleen Galgiani wonders if a missing cousin is among the victims.

"It's common for someone who's lost a loved one to always wonder when a case comes up, you think about it," said Galgiani whose 19-year-old cousin Dena McHan disappeared in 1981.

She was last seen at a gas station, either in Stockton or Lodi, Galgiani wasn't certain.

"She was in Sacramento, left and was on her way home," Galgiani said. "The last person to see her was a gas station attendant. Two guys were hassling her. He asked if she needed help and she said she'd be all right. That's the last we know."

The human remains found in San Andreas last week and the search at the Linden well began after convicted killer Wes Shermantine offered precise locations from death row at San Quentin.

Experts discuss challenges with identifying remains

LINDEN, CA - Searchers in San Joaquin County have found nearly 1,000 bone fragments at an abandoned well, where they believe serial killers Wesley Shermantine and Loren Herzog (aka the Speed Freak Killers) dumped the bodies of murder victims. The remains are now being analyzed in a state crime lab.

If there are multiple bodies in the well, the remains have likely become commingled -- or mixed, according to Dr. Samantha Hens, a biological anthropology professor at Sacramento State.

"It will be difficult since it seems like most of the victims were young, white females. There's not going to be a lot of difference in a lot of the skeletons so it's going to take some fine-tuning to figure out who's who and put these elements back together," said Hens.

Hens said knowing how to dig through the soil is also key to finding remains.

UPDATE: Police arrest man suspected of shooting relative in Galt

GALT, CA - A man was shot inside a home in the area of Elk Hills Drive and Whitford Court in Galt on Tuesday morning.

According to Galt police officers on scene, Lonnie Ray Orman, 42, arrived at his relative's home around 6:30 a.m. and knocked on the front door. When nobody answered, Orman  became frustrated and fired shots into the door.

Police said one of the bullets passed through the door and struck a man in the shoulder. He was taken to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Orman fled the scene following the shooting, police said.

Police closed off the area following the incident to search for Orman.

Police later found Orman driving his Grey F250 pickup truck along Highway 50 and eventually pulled him over near Bass Lake Road.

Police said Orman was armed with a rifle and therefore shut down the stretch of Highway 50 during apprehension efforts.

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Sheriff: Wheeler remains tentatively identified

LINDEN, CA - A spokesman for the San Joaquin County Sheriff's Department says a forensic dentist has tentatively identified human bones recovered from a Calaveras County site last week as those of Chevy Wheeler.

Wheeler, whose body was never found until now, was last seen in October 1985 when she skipped school and took off with Wesley Shermantine. Shermantine is on San Quentin's Death row, sentenced to death for Wheeler's murder and three others.

Deputy Les Garcia announced the Wheeler identification in Linden where searchers are back excavating an abandoned well in search of more human remains believed to be victims of the notorious "Speed Freak Killers."

PHOTOS: Linden well remains search

Well search for victims delayed by weather

STOCKTON, CA - The San Joaquin County Sheriff's Department was restricted by wet weather Monday from continuing its search for victims of convicted killers Wes Shermantine and Loren Herzog.

PHOTOS: Search for victims in Linden well

Following the discovery of two victims late last week in Calaveras County, investigators over the weekend uncovered hundreds of bone fragments and clothing items at an abandoned well near the town of Linden in San Joaquin County.

Investigators hope to return to the dig site Tuesday if dryer conditions exist.

Twenty-nine people have called the sheriff's office after a plea by officials for people with missing loved ones to make contact.

"What we're asking, if the missing person occurred before 2000, and sooner, that's what we're looking for," said spokesman Deputy Les Garcia.

PHOTOS: Linden well remains search

San Joaquin Sheriff's Department personnel and volunteers sift through mounds of dirt excavated from an abandoned cattle ranch well near Linden in the search for additional victims of serial killers Wesley Shermantine and Loren Herzog.