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U.S. marshals arrest Stockton murder suspect

Sacramento, Ca- US Marshals from Sacramento arrested a man in connection with a July murder in Stockton. 

Eric Mathew Tabin was taken into custody Friday afternoon when a sting was set up after they learned he would attempt to buy a handgun from a local dealer.

Tabin was approaching a gun dealership on Fruitridge Road to make the purchase but was taken into custody as he was walking to the door.  The release says he was surrounded by law enforcement and taken into custody without incident. 

The Marshal's office says they were contacted by the Stockton Police Department to help locate Tabin because he was believed to be involved in an ambush style shooting that claimed the life of one man and left another critically injured back in July. 

The man believed to be the shooter had already been arrested.

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Highway 4 at S. Tracy Blvd. reopens after fatal crash

STOCKTON, CA - Traffic was diverted from Highway 4 in the area of S. Tracy Boulevard and Discovery Bay for nearly four hours Thursday because of a deadly collision involving a big rig and a pick-up truck.

According to the CHP on scene, the big rig and pick-up went into an irrigation ditch that runs alongside eastbound Highway 4 in the area. The two vehicles apparently sideswiped each other when the driver of the pick-up  tried to pass a line of tractor-trailer trucks on the roadway, causing the pick-up truck to land on its roof off the roadway.

Tracy police confirmed two people in the pick-up died. The CHP said they were men in their 20s.

The driver of the big rig had minor injuries.

Westbound Highway 4 was closed at the San Joaquin and Contra Costa county line and eastbound Highway 4 at S. Tracy Boulevard was  off-limits to traffic.

The incident was first reported at 12:07 p.m.

Lanes clear after fatal accident I-5 south in Stockton

STOCKTON, CA - Interstate 5 in Stockton has reopened after a fatality accident in the fog Tuesday morning.

Southbound lanes were closed between March Lane and Benjamin Holt Drive on Tuesday morning due to two accidents, one of which was a fatality.

The California Highway Patrol said one of the crashes involved a big rig. The CHP reports indicated the second, and fatal accident, appears to have occurred when somebody was pushing a vehicle off the freeway and was possibly struck when the driver did not see the person in the dense fog.

Stockton police union to "open house"

STOCKTON, CA - Several months after buying a home near the University of the Pacific and next door to City Manager Bob Deis, Stockton's police union is showing the house to neighbors.

Deis called it "old school intimidation" when the union announced its plans because the union and Deis were and continue to be engaged in a bitter fight over city finances.

Monday's open house was scheduled to take place between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m.  The home has been painted and completely remodeled. Although the police union said it intended to fix the house for resale, current plans are for renting the home.

By Tim Daly, tdaly@news10.net

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Man shoots at deputies in Stockton, then flees area

STOCKTON, CA - The San Joaquin Sheriff's Department searches for a parolee-at-large who shot at deputies during a car and foot chase.

Jousha Hoyopattubbi, 32, was seen leaving a convenience store driving erratically early morning Saturday near Country Club and Interstate 5, Deputy Dave B. Konecny said.

Deputies followed Hoyopattubbi onto southbound Highway 99, where his vehicle hit the center median.

Konecny said when deputies turned on their siren to conduct a traffic stop, Hoyopattubbi shot at the deputies across all three lanes, lost control of the vehicle and stopped facing the wrong way at the on-ramp of Mount Diablo.

As deputies approached the vehicle, the driver fled the vehicle on foot. Konecny said deputies were able to catch up with Hoyopattubi, who resisted arrest, shot at deputies and fled the area.

Deputies were unable to find Hoyopattubi after an extensive search.

Stockton police investigate shooting on Palisades Drive

STOCKTON, CA - A 25-year-old man was in critical condition after police said he was shot multiple times just outside a Stockton apartment complex.

The man was wounded on the 8100 block of Palisades Drive, according to officer Pete Smith with the Stockton Police Department.

Investigators believe the shots were fired from a nearby parking lot around 5:30 p.m., Smith said.

The victim was transported to an area hospital.

There was no information on the shooter.

1992: When Stockton also had a record 55 homicides

STOCKTON, CA - The city of Stockton has matched its homicide record set in 1992 with a total of 55 unjustified homicides already this year.

The Stockton Police Department says increased gang activity, a police force reduced by about 100 officers, and crimes of passion contributed to the high homicide rate.

"We absolutely wanted to do everything to avoid it," said department  spokesman Officer Pete Smith . "We tried to avoid the first homicide to the 55th homicide. The statistics downplay the fact that each person killed was someone's son or daughter, brother, neighbor, friend."

The distinction of being the most deadly single year in Stockton's history, at this moment, equals the carnage of 1992. News10 tracked down survivors of those killed by violence in 1992. Several declined to speak on-camera saying the hurt and trauma of losing a close friend or family member to murder still feels like it happened yesterday.