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San Joaquin prosecutor: Criminals know there are fewer cops

STOCKTON, CA - San Joaquin County prosecutor Janet Smith painted a bleak picture of the current crime picture for Stockton.

First, she said criminals are aware the police department has had a large reduction in the number of officers.

"We have an active community in regards to gang activity.  The reality is they're aware when law enforcement is cut, they're aware of resources diminishing.  There's a better opportunity of getting away with criminal activity," said Smith.

Smith is handling the case of three men accused in the fatal stabbing of a man outside the Waterfront Warehouse earlier this month.  She said the rise in criminal activity around the city has made it more difficult for police to file reports as quickly as they have in the past.

She said fewer officers on the streets have returned Stockton to an unpleasant time in history.

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Scam: Cash for gas charged on stolen credit card

STOCKTON, CA - A Stockton woman claims after someone stole her purse, thousands of dollars of gasoline was charged on her credit card.

Cassie Swain was at Michael Saklis Park on Aug. 9 with her toddler son when her purse was taken. She says the thieves broke her car's window.

"The car alarm did not go off so they knew what they were doing," said Swain.

The thief or thieves then went to several gas stations in the Stockton area and offered to fill up people's gas tanks for cash.

"Some people would fall for it to get a full tank of gas for 20 bucks. I'm disgusted," said Swain.

More than $3,500 was charged to her account. Video from a Chevron gas station where her credit card was used shows a group of men approaching different customers offering to fill their tanks. Swain turned the video over to the Stockton Police Department.

Weight loss gadget -- Pedometer for your mouth?

Weight loss gadget -- Pedometer for your mouth?

Researchers have developed a way to fight obesity by helping people answer one fundamental question: How many bites of food are you eating?

The Bite Counter, a wristwatch-shaped device being marketed to weight-loss clinics and fitness professionals, uses technology developed by a Clemson University team for the military to track body movements in clearing buildings of insurgents in Iraq, says Adam Hoover, an electrical engineering professor who handled the technical aspects of the design.

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Stockton mayor blasts police chief retirement system

STOCKTON, CA - Stockton Mayor Ann Johnston made it clear she doesn't like the retirement system that has the city looking for yet another new police chief.

"I don't like the system.  It's terrible.  It basically moves out the most qualified people too early.  We need their experience and leadership until they're 60," said Johnston.

Police Chief Blair Ulring announced Wednesday he is retiring after two years on the job.  Before him, Tom Morris was chief for just eight months, Mark Hose for two years, and Mark Herder for about two and a half years.

"The police chief is a management position.  When they're gone at 50, they're still young.  They have a lot to give.  I think the system is bad," said the mayor.

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Stockton man arrested in wife's beating

SACRAMENTO, CA - A Stockton man police say violently beat his estranged wife in front of witnesses as she came out of a Wal-Mart was arrested early Thursday evening.

Stockton police found Yonnie Jackson, 40, hiding in his truck on the 8000 block of Bruceville Road in Sacramento, said Sacramento police Sgt. Norm Leong.  

Multiple officers surrounded Jackson's vehicle for several hours until he surrendered. Police said he was taken to a local hospital with unrelated injuries where he was later arrested.

According to police, Jackson attacked his wife as she was putting items she bought at the store into her car, Monday. He allegedly threw her to the ground and kept hitting her, even after she lost consciousness. When an off-duty park ranger pointed his gun at Jackson, he got in his dark blue 2001 Ford Expedition and fled.

River search ends for missing Stockton woman

STOCKTON, CA - The San Joaquin County Sheriff's Department deployed a dive team in the Calaveras River around 8:15 Thursday morning to search for Dalene Carlson who has been missing for more than a week and a half.

Beginning their search Wednesday at the river, teams found a flip flop sandal in the water resembling the one Carlson was wearing the night she disappeared. 

VIDEO: Crews search for missing Stockton woman in river

A full search of the river ensued Thursday morning when divers were brought in to drag the area where the flip flop was found. Around noon, the search was called off after divers found no trace of Carlson in the area where the shoe was.

Lathrop business organizes blood drive for local family

LATHROP, CA - A Lathrop restaurant has organized a blood donor drive after seeing a story about a local family in need on News10.

News10's Blood Donor Day was a tremendous success. On that day, July 8, News10 shared the story of a Lathrop family and their ongoing need for blood. Three-year-old Sofia Rose Conde and baby brother Anthony Conde both have a rare blood disorder and need blood infusions on a regular basis. The infusions cost nearly $4,000 per procedure.

After seeing the Conde's story, CK Grill & Bar contacted News10 wanting to help. The Lathrop restaurant has organized a blood drive for the Conde Family. All donors will receive a free appetizer card.

Conde Blood Drive
Wednesday, Aug. 31, 3 p.m. - 8 p.m.
CK Grill & Bar
14725 S. Harlan Road, Lathrop