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Dalene Carlson case timeline

STOCKTON, CA - 23-year-old, Dalene Carlson left Sandpoint, Idaho with aspirations of a college degree and hopes of a bright future. The tragedy that befell her less than two months later shattered those dreams and the hearts of everyone close to her.

Following is a timeline of events from her arrival in Stockton to the morning of her suspected killer's arrest:

- June - Dalene moves to Stockton from Sandpoint, Idaho. Lived with Aunt Margret Baker in South Stockton. Planned to attend Delta College.

- Aug. 6Dalene goes to Finnegan's Pub. Meets up with friends. Leaves with Jason Gilley, a friend. 

- Aug. 7 1:00 am - Dalene seen on Food 4 Less surveillance tape with Gilley

Jason Gilley arrested in Dalene Carlson murder case

STOCKTON, CA - Jason Gilley was arrested Thursday morning in connection with the murder of Dalene Carlson.

Gilley was previously arrested on suspicion of kidnapping and false imprisonment when Carlson went missing in August, but he was released following questioning.

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Jacob Evangelisti, who claimed to be Carlson's boyfriend at the time, said Carlson called him nine times from Gilley's apartment on the night of her disappearance, asking if she could come over.  Evangelisti said Carlson insisted on walking to his apartment by herself, but she never showed up.

Local Community Leader Joins YMCA Board

Local Community Leader Joins YMCA Board


Dalene Carlson death ruled homicide

STOCKTON, CA - An examination of Dalene Carlson's body, conducted on Tuesday at the San Joaquin County Morgue, lead the pathologist to conclude her death was the result of a homicide.

Carlson, whose body was located in a field in Escalon on Monday, originally went missing August 7 after leaving Finnegan's Pub around 1 a.m.

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The exact cause of death was not released.

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Carlson was 23.

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Dalene Carlson's sister releases exclusive statement

STOCKTON, CA - Dalene Carlson's sister, Narja Goonan, released a heart-wrenching statement to News10's Leigh Paynter on Tuesday morning in reaction to the recent tragic discovery of her sister's body.

Carlson disappeared after leaving Finnegan's Pub in Stockton around 1 a.m. on August 8.  Her body was discovered in a field in Esacalon, Calif. on Saturday, October 16, more than two months later.

Following is Goonan's statement in its entirety:

"Leigh, My mother and I have grieved for the past two months now, it has been long and heartbreaking. From the very beginning of this investigation my mother and I have maintained high hopes for the whereabouts and the safe return of my sister, to find that this will not be possible is truly devastating.

Police: Body found in cornfield that of Dalene Carlson

STOCKTON, CA - A decomposing body discovered by a tractor operator in a cornfield near Escalon Saturday has been identified as Dalene Carlson.

Carlson, 23, disappeared Aug. 7 after last being seen in a Stockton bar and a report she was in a Food 4 Less grocery store. Her disappearance has been the subject of a police investigation involving Stockton detectives and the FBI.

Police said they had previously searched the area where Carlson's body turned up.

Police spokesman Officer Pete Smith said dental records were used to identify Carlson.

An autopsy is scheduled for Tuesday.

Friends and family attended a vigil Monday night at 8:30 at Bottley's BBQ at 2210 Country Club Lane, Stockton.

Carlson friends, family anxiously await body ID

STOCKTON, CA - The aunt of missing 23-year-old Dalene Carlson said, "I'm on the brink of breaking," while waiting to hear official word of the identity of a body found Saturday in a cornfield in Escalon.

VIDEO: Property owner shocked to find body in Escalon corn field

Even without confirmation, many of Carlson's friends believe it is her. As of Sunday night, police would only say the "body is female and slight of stature." Carlson is barely over five feet tall.

"It's just hard to lose somebody," said Carlson's family friend, Katheryn Williams. She considers Carlson her relative. "We try to keep our family really tight. To know that somebody who's close to our family is gone - is very hard."