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3 shot in north Stockton

STOCKTON, CA - Stockton police were investigating circumstances surrounding a triple shooting on Malvern Court Monday afternoon.

The three people shot suffered non-life-threatening injuries, according to Officer Joseph Silva.

A 911 call was first received by police dispatchers at 5:04 p.m.

There was no early word on what provoked the gunfire or on the shooter or shooters.

Malvern Court is in north Stockton. 

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Pit bull killed with steak knife to stop attack on girl

STOCKTON - A family member was forced to stab their pitbull with a steak knife after it attacked a 3-year-old-girl.

According Lt. Phil George of the San Joaquin County Sheriff's office, around 9 p.m. Saturday, a 3-year-old girl was able to get outside through a sliding glass door and into the backyard where a family gathering was going on. The family pitbull was spooked by the running child and latched onto the girl's head.

The family saw this happening and could not get the dog to let go. Lt. George says someone then pulled out a steak knife and stabbed the dog to death.

San Joaquin County Animal Services picked up the deceased animal and the dog will be tested for rabies.

The 3-year-old girl was air lifted to the UC Davis Medical Center.  She was released from the hospital on Sunday. 

The incident happened in the 2000 block of Alcazar Way in North Stockton. No criminal charges are expected.

Stockton goes to bankruptcy court

STOCKTON, CA - The City of Stockton took the latest step in the bankruptcy process Friday, appearing in Sacramento before Federal Bankruptcy Judge Christopher Klein.

The first hearing in the process lasted nearly 90 minutes, and included Klein making a judgment on Stockton's desire to make it's financial mess public.  Judge Klein said much of the recent mediation process will remain confidential, because he expects Stockton to continue meeting in private with it's many creditors.

"Continued mediation is more than important, it's essential," said Klein before a room crowded with attorneys. 

Stockton is represented by Sacramento bankruptcy attorney Mark Levinson, but also in court were attorneys representing the many banks, insurance companies, unions and retiree groups that Stockton owes money to.

Judge Klein also said "I'm not gonna solve this case", meaning it's up to those attorneys to make progress.  Levinson agreed.

Stockton homicide victim suffered severe body trauma

STOCKTON, CA - Stockton Police identified the elderly woman murdered at her home on Downing Avenue Thursday as 84-year-old Hazel Dingman.

Dingman's body was discovered by her daughter Thursday around 4:00 p.m. and police say there were obvious signs of trauma to her body and she may have been sexually assaulted.

The secluded three-acre crime scene is so complex, several different detective units were assigned to investigate.

"We have our burglary detectives going through their cases and we have sexual assault detectives going through sex offender registrants living in the area," said Det. Joe Silva on how the department is trying to piece together what happened behind Dingman's fenced-in property.

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Armed duo rob north Stockton business

STOCKTON, CA - A Stockton business on the 3200 block of W. Hammer Lane was robbed by two men armed on Thursday.

According to Stockton Police Dept. reports, two employees were working at the business when an Hispanic man, armed with a semi-automatic handgun, approached the employee at the register and pusher her away. The second man, armed with a pistol and wearing a mask, held the employee at gunpoint while the other robber walked into the back kitchen area and contacted the other employee.

The masked man holding the woman at gunpoint, made her empty the cash register money into a bag and ordered her to open the safe, the report detailed.

The Hispanic man then took one of the employee's cell phones and forced both into the business office, after which the two suspects made off with an undisclosed amount of money, per the report.

Stockton residents, businesses turning to private security

STOCKTON, CA - Ten more businesses on Harding Way in Stockton's Miracle Mile district have agreed to pay for private security. 

It's hardly an unusual step with a shrinking Stockton police force and a street that's become grittier and grittier over the past few years.

What is more unusual however, is that residents in the same part of town, are also paying for their own security patrols.

"We've worked hard for our home.  No one has the right at all to invade your privacy--to take what's not theirs," said resident Sandy Mulvihill.

She's one of about four dozen homeowners to pay about $50 each, per month, for many hours of patrols.  "It's helped a lot," she said.

Some of the homes in this area are close to a hundred years old.  Some residents have been there more than 40 years.  They grew tired of the increase in break-ins and responded.

Thousands head to Delta for fireworks show

STOCKTON, CA - It was started by Barron Hilton for his kids. More than 50 years later, his fireworks show brings thrills to thousands of delta boaters.

Hilton is the son of Conrad Hilton, who started the hotel chain and the grandfather of Paris Hilton. But each 4th of July, he's known as the man turning the sky bright near Venice Island, just west of Stockton.

"Spectacular fireworks, friendly people and a good old fashioned American celebration," Sacramento resident Ray Black said. 

Like many others, he's been parked near Venice Island for a few days already.

"It's just awesome," Lodi resident Curt Page said. "Phenomenal, and it keeps getting better."

For people hoping to see the show who don't have boats, the fireworks should be visible from the west end of 8 Mile Road, and from Highway 12 (looking to the south).