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4-year-old Stockton boy dies at Oakland dentist

STOCKTON, CA - A Stockton mother is demanding answers after her four-year-old son died during a dental procedure at Children's Hospital and Research Center Oakland on Friday.

According to a recordnet.com article, Dominque Smith said she took her son Jermaine Harrison to the dentist to remove some rotten teeth and cap some others. But, something went horribly wrong when the dentist administered an oral anesthetic to calm the boy and reduce any pain from the procedure.

Doctors tried unsuccessfully to revive the boy for about 45 minutes, said his family.

Harrison was born with a hole in the wall separating the left and right ventricles of his heart. The condition required open-heart surgery about a year later, at which time surgeons installed a pacemaker.

Harrison's family said he responded well to the procedure and was "thriving and healthy" when they took him to Children's Hospital and Research Center Oakland on Friday.

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Time to turn Stockton cameras back on?

STOCKTON, CA - The city-wide camera system that helped police catch nearly 100 crime suspects remains down as the city approaches a homicide record.

The system that provides images from about 300 cameras was shut down when the stockotn Police Department made severe budget cuts.  Retired officers would watch for potential crimes and contact street units that would respond to scenes.

"The decision was made through cost-cutting efforts to overcome the budget crisis.  One of the things that was shuttered was the ability to monitor those cameras with live personnel," said spokesman Officer Pete Smith.

Although Smith wasn't able to provide a figure for what it might cost to turn the camera system back on, a person familiar with the operation said it was an expense of about $80,000 a year.

One of the cameras sits on top of the intersection of Harding Way and Wilson Way where the city's 53rd homicide of the year took place Monday.

VIDEO: Smash and grab thieves hit Delta College bookstore again

STOCKTON, CA - Authorities have another Delta College bookstore break-in and theft to investigate.

A bookstore security camera caught three individuals on tape smashing the store's doors and running in at 3:30 Monday morning. Computer equipment and personal electronic devices valued at an estimated $5,000 were taken.

There was a similar smash and grab at the bookstore on Sept. 25. In that crime, two burglars were seen on tape breaking in before taking an Apple laptop computer and iPod devices. The thieves haven't been caught.

In that case, police said it appeared the burglars were familiar with the campus.

Stockton fast approaching homicide record

STOCKTON- With six weeks left for the year 2011, it's possible Stockton could set a new record. So far this year, the city has had 52 homicides. The record number for a year is 55. That record was set in 1992.

Another murder in Stockton pushes the city dangerously close to a deadly crime record.

Saturday night's murder happened on Stanislaus Street. Police say an 18 year old man was shot in the back seat of his friend's car. Investigators don't have a motive or suspect description yet. Meanwhile, the shooting has left many residents like grandmother Eve Daniel rattled.

"To think we've been here since 1955 and we've never ever been so scared....it's gotten very very very very frightening and extremely dangerous," said Daniel of the growing violence in her neighborhood.

"The gang situation is driving a lot of homicide rates right now," said Pete Smith, Stockton Police Department.

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Stockton man shot in the neck Saturday

STOCKTON, CA - A 35-year-old man was shot in the neck early Saturday morning at a Lakeview area parking lot in Stockton.

According to Stockton police, the victim tried to drive away after he was shot, but hit a light pole on the north side of the parking lot near W Swain Road.

The victim is in a custody battle with his ex-girlfriend, and his ex-girlfriend's current boyfriend Arturo Morando, 31, is a possible suspect in the shooting.

The victim was transported to a hospital by ambulance.

No other information is known at this time.

D-II Section Playoffs: (5) St. Mary's def. (12) Antelope 48-21

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STOCKTON - The 5th seeded St. Mary's Rams advanced to the 2nd round of the playoffs with a 48-21 win over 12th seeded Antelope Friday night.

St. Mary's will next face Vacaville in the 2nd round of the playoffs. 

D-II Section Playoffs: (3) Inderkum def. (11) McNair 69-14

SACRAMENTO - The Inderkum Tigers (3) defeated the McNair Eagles (11) 69-14 in round one of the D-II Playoffs Friday night.

Inderkum will next face the defending state champion Folsom Bulldogs in the 2nd round of the playoffs.