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Stockton investigators shot at on crime scene

STOCKTON, CA - Police officers and an evidence technician were fired upon while investigating the scene of a shooting at a house in Stockton on Thursday night.

According to officer Pete Smith of the Stockton Police Department, five or six shots were fired at the investigatory team at around 9:30 p.m. from an unknown location.

The three officers said they heard bullets hitting tree branches 10 to 15 feet above them and several bullets hit the home.

While it has not been confirmed, Smith said the officers believe they were the targets of the shooting.

The location was secured following the incident and police teams canvassed the area, but were unable to find any suspects or evidence linked to the shooting, said Smith.

Kicked out as a kid, he leads the way as an adult

STOCKTON, CA - There aren't many problems that Dr. Marlon Gayle hears from kids to which he can't relate.

Gayle is an assistant principal at Stockton's Bear Creek High School. He feels because of his background, he can talk to anyone about pretty much everything.

"I try to give them hope that you can turn around and people can look up to you in the future," said Gayle.

As a youth, Gayle's family dealt with drug issues, jail time, and homelessness.  He said it wasn't unusual for his family to get food from McDonald's restaurant dumpsters.

Now he happily shares his tales of trouble with kids.

"Just walking around campus, they know the story.  They say 'If Mr. Gayle can do it, I can do it,'" said Gayle.

Gayle was a good student despite all those hardships, but as a senior at Bear Creek, he earned an early departure.

Gov't. grants financial aid to Stockton law enforcement

STOCKTON, CA - The Stockton Police Department and San Joaquin Sheriff's Department received much needed financial support from the federal government to hire, rehire or sustain law enforcement positions.

Stockton, which has been inundated with crime recently has noted a lack of sufficient law enforcement numbers and funding as a reason for the inability to halt surging crime rates.

Stockton Congressman, Jerry McNerney, announced his pleasure with the decision. "I am grateful that Stockton's requests for funding were heeded. It will go a long way to supplement the tireless efforts of our city and county officials to make our communities safer," said Rep. McNerney. "The citizens of Stockton deserve to have the best safety and security we can provide."

McNerney has continually demonstrated his support for Stockton's need for federal funding, writing to the Attorney General to advocate for the Stockton police force.

VIDEO: Smash and grab thieves hit Delta College

STOCKTON, CA - Quick-moving thieves targeted the Delta College bookstore very early Sunday morning, stealing many i
Pod touch devices and an Apple laptop computer, say campus police.

The break-in was caught on tape but it was clear the two burglars wre trying to avoid identification by wearing masks and gloves and staying out of view of most cameras on campus, according to college spokesman James Vergara.

The thieves used a large hammer to smash in the bookstore's front door and were in and out of the store within one minute. The time was 1:12 a.m. Sunday.

Police suspect the two were familiar with the campus.

Anyone who can provide campus police with leads on the thieves was asked to call (209) 954-5000 or contact ggreenwood@deltacollege.edu

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Dalene Carlson case warrants offer insight into person of interest

STOCKTON, CA - Search warrants in a Stockton missing woman case appear show a pattern of inconsistencies in the statements of Jason Gilley who was first arrested and then released.

Dalene Carlson disappeared more than seven weeks ago after spending time at a Stockton bar with Gilley and other friends, but Gilley first told police he left the bar much sooner than Carlson.

PREVIOUS STORY: Multiple agencies work Stockton woman's disappearance

It was later, after seeing video of the two of them together not only at the bar, but later at a Stockton grocery store, that Gilley admitted he'd lied. 

Stockton police investigate woman's suspicious death

STOCKTON, CA - Officers are investigating the death of a 29-year-old woman Sunday morning in the 2100 block of Rosemarie Lane, said Stockton police Lt. Jeff Coon.

Coon said investigators originally classified the death as a possible suicide, but did not rule out foul play.

According to Coon, the investigation was ongoing to ensure evidence matched witness accounts.

Three Stockton armed robberies Friday night were reportedly related

STOCKTON, CA - According to Stockton Police Department there were three armed robberies Friday night. The incidents were all related.

All three happened in the Valley Oak District; The victims were between the ages of 11 and 16.

The first robbery happened around 9:40 p.m. when four teenagers at a local park at Blossom and Horsetail were approached by two men; one was armed with a handgun. The two suspects had driven up to the park in a brown four door Honda sedan, robbed the victims of two cell phones and then fled. Reportedly there was a third person in the car, who was the driver.

The second robbery happened at 11:00 p.m. at Marantha and Bryant. A pair of 15 year olds were approached by two men, and again, one of them had a handgun. A cell phone and iPad were taken. Both suspects reportedly fled in a white Honda sedan.